Sunday, January 13, 2013


Despite the fact that QT's "Django Unchanged" is on every podcast about movies in the world, it's just too good not to mention, and mention we do. Jason squirms while he and Matt discuss the controversial  use of a certain word that will remain unwritten here, which Matt says a bunch. Don Coscarelli's latest offering "John Dies at the End" is given the throws Jason back to the 80's video store days when you had to actually discover cult for yourself. Matt continues his Orson Welles exploration with his review of "The Lady from Shanghai". Peppered with mention of other movies, trailers, and musings on the state of film, the conversation turns melancholy as Jason expresses concern over the well being of "genre" in Hollywood. Will he be okay? Can Matt calm Jason with his unflappable spirit? Tune in, and find out.


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