Monday, July 18, 2011

Episode 24. Sorry about the Wait.

...hey everyone.
Sorry about the wait.
Between benders and Jason buying a house. (And all the sweet stuff on TV) We've been busy. (Oh, and the Fat and Skinny flying film fortress...we've also been building one of those.)
So we're sorry about the wait.

In the absence we have been watching watching HELLA.
I, personally, have gone from Vincent Price, to William Castle, to haunted house films, to gothic horror, to Amicus. (With Tombs of the Dead 1-4 and Tremors 1-4 thrown somewhere in the middle)

I consider this KLASSIC Fat and Skinny. With nothing prepared or written down...and movies coming at you so fat and furious you'll pop a Paul Walker.
So naturally we get into House on Haunted Hill(it's a perfect movie)...but, I posted that on our facebook. But we also get into BUG. (cuzz, maaaaaaaaaan, it's go me Buggin').
And that was produced by William Castle. So I think we're cool.
Then, Jason put's the Stathem's 'Mechanic' in his sights...
(this part of the show is less comeback, and more call we did a turn on Bronson's 'Mechanic' in Episode 19) I have a new love... her name is Mandy Lane.
and, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
...and then, for some reason, we get into Dead Heat. Go fig.
...yeah, that's not blurry at all.

Anyhoo, if you listen closely you can hear Jason's lovely wife Jen in with some solids points. How she puts up with us idiots is beyond me.

Well, I gotta jet.
Touch of Evil is playing at The Red Vic in an hour.
Man, I'm gonna miss that theatre when she's gone.

~matt 2011
(support your local video store and rep theatre)
sorry about the wait
listen here!

Episode 23. It's a cosmic coincidence.

...did you know that the number 23 is linked to all manner of cosmic co-ink-i-dinks. It's true(ish). Look it up.

And speaking of's another 'Spacey' episode of Fat and Skinny. And I ain't talkin' Kevin.

Ya see, I was sooooooooooo pumped to talk about Scream 4 I forgot to mention actually why it really is so awesome. I'd like to blame these slips of the mind on my desperate attempt NOT to spoil the intro to Scream 4. It really is a hoot, and sets the tone to the whole film. However, the surprise is almost everything.
Anyhoo, I fumbled and in doing so forgot to mention some stuff...
First, (and this is actually super embarrassing ) my real good buddy (and occasional Fat and Skinny commenter) Jeremy Wheeler had a bunch of his rock posters featured in the film. (You can even see them in the trailer...see below) I was more than stoked to see so much his work in the movie. So super proud of the dude. And I forget. Put it in my show notes. And I forget. (But, you should see my notes.)
I'm sorry buddy. That's a 'my bad'. However, I'm still super stoked and proud of the fella. Go here and check out his work. Stella!
Second, unlike Scream 1 and 2,(i can't recall 3) Scream 4 seems to mimic different visual styles from all sorts of various sub-genres. There seems like bits Final Destination, Texas Chainsaw, the Chainsaw re-make, and numerous direct to disc teen bodycount films. If you know 'film' (and by which, i mean, genre) it adds to that layer of how we perceive our media. It also adds that 'rap battle' attitude that seems to recall Cravens earlier career.
(The whole Jaws to Hills Have Eyes to Evil Dead to Nightmare on Elm Street back to Evil Dead II) By the end of the film you almost get the feeling Craven is saying, "Ya know what...I started something." Then by    emulating all the various styles it proves to all the young Turks out there that have been biting the Scream formula that he can do it that way too.
Hmmmmm, maybe it's just a message to every director in the game...'that's not not snarky, meta-commentary on media through horror, THIS is snarky, meta-commentary on media through horror.'
...but in case you want an 80's slasher from the 80' doesn't get more 80's than this...
Happy Birthday to Me
...speaking of perception. You can't tell a book by the cover in Simon Rumley's...
Red, White, and Blue
...speaking of red, white, and blue... we also manage to squeeze in an Australian film... or favorite past time...

...N that's about it.
Join us next time when we talk about movies.
Always with the movies.

Matt DeLight 2011