Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lexicon (is a) Devil

Yup, I just titled this post after a Germs song. Why? Because, that's the kind of quality pop culture quality you can expect from Fat and Skinny Blog and Podcast. Hopefully you enjoyed the first episode. We woulda had another episode for ya... but, we were too busy saving pregnant woman from burning buildings.
Naw...that's not true.
Actually, we were smoking all this killa kush,  getting mad krunk, HOLLA!
Naw, that's not true either. (But, I did manage to drink some Old Crow brand whiskey)
Actually, the truth of it was we did manage to record a second episode. And, no foolin', it was amazing. Quite possibly the best thing ever recorded in recording history...ever. Not just in podcast history, but in the whole spectrum which is sound...the best. Think, if The Beatles and The Beach Boys (in the hight of their collective powers) got together, and made a record called Abbey's Pet Sound Road....and yer still Twenty Million Miles to Earth
Then we deleted it by accident.

Don't worry, we'll make podcast history again, real soon. So Stay Tuned (wouldn't it be awesome if every time I made a movie reference it would be a link that you could click on...yeah, I don't know how to do that)
(wait, I just figured it out...20 minutes later)

Anyway, that gives me time to discuss the first episode a bit. Fat (who, from this point on I'll just refer to as Jason) made the point that maybe some people wouldn't know exactly what I was talking about, due to my use of slang and self conjured lexicon.(See, the title actually did make sense)

So here is part one, of what will hopefully be many, on the Skinny( who from this point on will just be referred to as Matt) Dictionary.
  • Boo-Urns - This is anything that stinks. A stone drag. Taken from the episode of The Simpsons, a Star is Burns. Remember, the whole town hates his movie and is booing it, but Smithers...ever the toadie, sez..."no, they're not saying Boo, they are saying Boo-Urns" Classic
  • Jumping the Shark- This is more common slang, definitely not of my invention, that many of you readers may already know. But, I get this question all the time on what this means. It refers to any thing(band, franchise, t.v. series, etc. etc.) that goes from classic(or "good") and turns into something else completely. It's generally regarded as a very, bad, bad thing. It's in reference to Happy Days when Fonzie had to 'Jump the Shark.' It was a two part episode. Why the fuck did Happy Day need two part episodes?
That's all I have for now, their might have been some others...but, I talk like this everyday. (I'm sure it's very annoying) So I don't hear it. These are just the ones that Jason called me on.

Alright, I've got to buy comics.
Stay Posi,

Matt DeLight

PS...I don't even like that Germs song. Or, more specifically, I haven't listened to it in over a decade. Sorry, Darby.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 and counting!

    I am excited to report that as of this post, we have been downloaded 18 times. All in all, not a bad first show. I thought that we sounded pretty good. We played off of each other pretty well. And our pacing seemed pretty even. I do think we need a little better preparation. We also need to hammer out a few details with the recording situation. Matt leaned on a toy that makes noise and my son makes a cameo toward the end. We’re just figuring it out.
    I wanted to add a few details. I discovered after recording that one of the movies we talked about, Get Crazy, is in fact currently running on Comcast On Demand, but is not available on DVD. There are VHS copies for sale on Amazon and Ebay. I also referred the Vince Vaughn movie as Couples Weekend, it is called Couple Retreat. Sorry Vince, we cool?
    I will start listing the films we’ve discussed in future postings, along with pertinent information. We also want to hear from you. Recommendations are always welcome. If we start getting comments and emails it might be fun to read them on the show.
    We will be back with a new show in the next 2 weeks and hope you come back for more. There is also a Facebook page going up and we will be on Twitter so we can rip on things as we watch them.

Cheers and Thanks again for checking us out, Jason (Fat)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Episode 1, maybe, fingers crossed.

For better or for worse, the podcast is up. We intend to work out the kinks and are calling it a "work in progress". We talk about some new stuff and old stuff. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment and tell us what works and what didn't and we will endeavor to fix it, technically speaking of course. Our opinions are just that, ours, and we will speak them honestly and openly. We hope that we can help you pick at least some pleasant--or at the very least--interesting cinematic experiences that can stimulate open discourse with our fellow humans. Yours truly, Jason (Fat)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meanwhile, back at "The Ranch"...

We like movies...alot. Thus the Podcast and The Blog. I'll be honest, I'm a lazy blogger. Most of this is due to me being confused and baffled by most tabs and buttons on the internet. I can absolutely assure you I am screwing this way up and Jason will go in later and fix my mistakes...I seriously can't even tell if I loaded the picture right.  I'm sooooo analog, that sometimes it hurts.
Ask me how many VCR's I had in my old apt.? I think the answer will surprise you.

But, I digress.
The point, is that it should come to little surprise that I am a lover of Star Wars. It is, in many ways is my Achilles Heel and possible entry point to the concept of true love.

 So the other day I had the honor to visiting Skywalker Ranch. I lost my shit. I can't really say it was this totally amazing story, that has changed the course of my life forever. I will say that simply being there was like an incredible drug, that later I found it hard to come down from.
I took a bunch of photos, many too boring to even entertain post...mostly taken because, IT'S AT SKYWALKER RANCH!
I had actually been taken to "see" Star Wars as an infant at the Drive-In. It felt like I had come full circle in a way. I now fear my own mortality.
I mention this to you all, cuzz I felt you should know we are legit. We are movie weirdos.
Here's some Flickr photos you can enjoy or just tolerate.
Skywalker Ranch Pics

Also, I just watched Blood Creek(American title...can't recall other off the top)... Eh.
The vampire horse, with it's head on fire, is pretty sweet thou.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here come the Oscars!

Alright, it’s taking a little longer to get the podcast up and running so I thought I would supplement by blogging about the nominees for this years Academy Awards. I have a love hate relationship with the Academy. I have always regarded the broadcast of the ceremony as my personal Super Bowl. That being said, I am almost always upset by the choices. I almost always disagree with the nominations. And rarely have I seen the majority films in any of the categories. And I could care less about what who is wearing who or the whole red carpet coverage circus. I get all the coverage I need on “The Soup”. I am never as hard on the hosts as the critics because it’s not worth the time to analyze jokes and musical numbers on a show about other shows. I think the hosts typically do serviceable jobs with what they have to work with. I look forward to this years broadcast and like both Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin who are slated to host.

This year I actually saw five of the 10 nominees. I will probably see two more on DVD and more when they show up on cable.

My choice for best picture, The Hurt Locker.

I loved this because it resonated as a poignant drama, tense thriller and, incredibly cool film. It is an extremely well crafted film in all aspects and deserves nominations in every category that applies.

That makes best director a cinch, Kathryn Bigelow.

She has given me so much joy over the years. She is the genius behind the ridiculously silly, and amazingly entertaining Point Break. She also gave us vampire cult classic, Near Dark. Despite a few stumbles along the way (Blue Steel, K-9: The Widowmaker),
She’s tops in my book.

Best Actor? I say give it to Jeff Bridges. I haven’t seen Crazy Heart, but let’s not wait to give it to him. He’s a god-damned American treasure is what he is. And I don’t want some teenaged actor of the moment giving him a posthumous lifetime achievement award in the future. He’s “The Dude” for chrissakes!

I don’t have an opinion on Best Actress, or supporting for that matter, but if I had to, I’d guess crowd pleaser Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia). Her impression of food icon Julia Child was spot on. As for supporting, I think Mo’Nique (Precious: Based on the Novel push by Sapphire) is as good a choice as any. Her acceptance speech should be fun. Bet they give her the music.

Best supporting actor is easy for me. I only saw one of the films in this category. And having seen only one I can’t imagine there is one better. Chistoph Waltz, Inglorious Basterds. I don’t think this movie deserves a best picture nod, but Waltz achieves super villain status as Col. Hans Landa. He is so good at bad he shot right to the top of my best bad guy hall-o-fame. Right there with Hans Gruber from Die Hard and Little Bill Daggett from Unforgiven.

The Oscars airs Sunday March 7th, on ABC.