Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Seventeen, everything is fine. As the lady in the radiator sings our praises...Episode 17 Episode 17

Recorded on the Tuesday, which some call November the 16th.
I got off work and biked over to Jason's to record episode 17...of the podcast everyone is apparently screaming about...Fat and Skinny Go To the Movies.
I kinda skipped lunch. (I've been skipping meals lately). But, Jason made me some Pizza Rolls anyway. He had a burrito...and there were some chips too. From SanChez...they know how to make a chip. I haven't been sleeping well, so i had more and more coffee...but nothing was seeming to help.
It's another dry episode...which may be for the best. It was the middle of the afternoon. Besides, I think all my drinking is giving me high blood pressure. I can feel it in my left arm and in my fingers.
Still, that doesn't stop it from being the best podcast ever anyone...(much less us)

And like always...we are always all over the map.
So pull the fucking globe out you humps...we fly to Italy and beyond the stars and talk about The Visitor. then it's to sunny ol' Britain for the Jihadist comedy Four Lions.(Which apparently IS playing at The Lumiere here in SF), then it's back to the states, back in time, and into a video game as I am currently(like electrical currently) uber pumped for TRON...and just to ruin it for everyone, we talk about Walking Dead. It's a TV show. It's quite popular.
(and yes, it's also a comic...they're all from comics these days)
I think we ever shoehorn in some Goonies.

We're Good.

OK, I'm gonna lie down and listen to the new episode.
It's been an another assy 48 hours.

And I always dig Jason's production.

Matt DeLight
10:43 am
November 20, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fat and Skinny Check Out Cinema by the Bay

Here in SF, it feels as if there is some sort of film festival every weekend. This weekend, however, San Francisco Film Society makes it a little more personal by presenting Cinema by the Bay, a celebration of Bay Area film makers. There are shorts, documentaries, and features, both fiction and non. (Some even have subtitles!) Our friends over at Bay Area Bourgeois have asked us to to take a little time out of our busy, schlocky movie-watching schedule and check out some of the program. We actually got a press kit and our first dvd advance screeners. It’s almost like real live journalism.

View the complete schedule here and purchase tickets here.

Matt's review of the Opening night feature is already up, go check it out.

Cheers, Jason

"Fanny, Annie & Danny" - trailer from Chris Brown on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boo! Episode 16.

Hey it's Halloween and we decided to talk about... Halloween! Not the most creative concept in blog history I know, but we have the yet to be famous big brother of Fat to round out the panel. I guess if you are around when we do a show you're in. We also talk about our scariest movie moments of all time. Oh, and did you know that Paul Rudd was in Halloween 6?

Happy Halloween,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kevin Cross sits in.

Artist, musician, and fellow podcaster Kevin Cross sits in and shows Fat and Skinny how it's done. We discuss Rock-n-Roll movies (Urgh!, Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains, Live Forever), sort of, and just have a good time. I hope it's fun to listen to. If you keep listening after the outro, you find a bonus 15 minutes of useless banter. I thought it was funny, I might have been wrong.

Cheers, Jason

Monday, October 11, 2010

Our first guest spot!

I know no details other than we were on Lily Cat's show over at FCC Free Radio. She played some really terrible music and we talked about movies There was a guy named Pinky and a really tore up lady who had come straight from a party. They were all super nice and we a good time. And aparrently I am afraid of the microphone, so you can barely hear me.

Thanks to them all for having us on. Check it out here.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack to Near Dark...

...not that you would particularly know that if you listened to our podcast. I think we neglected to mention that in the last podcast. Ya know, Episode 14. The episode that talks about Near Dark in extensive detail...and the podcast that loves to talk about Tangerine Dream. Well, we missed it. Sometimes we are the most unorganized movie podcast in history...
However, I am also pretty sure we(well, Jason) has mentioned their musical prowess on Near Dark in a previous episode. Maybe episode 3 or I really don't feel too bad about it.
I also don't feel too bad about us talking at length about "I Come in Peace" aka Dark Angel. No one is talking about that movie anymore...and I kinda like that. It really is a solid actioner. And again, while I totally screw up the memory of the posters tag-line. (which happens to be the highly terrible/forgettable, "good cop. bad alien. big trouble.") I am just proud of dusting off these old movies, and bringing them back into the awesome floodlight which is Fat and Skinny.
Hell, with our heat, and Hollywood pull...expect to see that shit hit Criterion within the next few months.
I know...awesome! right?
As usual, we talk about a whole heap of other stuff. From big B Hollywooders(Resident Evil:Afterlife), to Z-grade Schlockers (Blood of the Zombie), to everything in between (<Rec>).

Also, just so we are 100% crystal...this is Paul 'Wild Shit' Anderson...
...currently on the set of Castlevania. This is the man who only makes the WILD SHIT...and after being on the set of Alien vs. Predator all day, he still found the time to put a baby inside of Milla Jovitch's tummy. He is officially my hero.

Big love to all our listeners and fans.

~Matt DeLight
October 3rd 2010

ps... i have no idea when Paul knocked up Milla.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I got the Bad Guts...reeeeeeeeaaaal hard.

...or funny guts. Or diarrhea. Or whatever you wanna call it. Whatever it was explosive.
I think it really affected my judgement. There really may be monster poop in Monster Squad. But, ya know....I really can't remember. Hell, I can't remember alot of things.
I do remember that Milla Jovovich is hot. So, I guess I'm doing alright.
Speaking of hot. Episode 13 of San Antonio's favorite weird movie podcast (Fat and Skinny Go To the Movies) comes out swinging, and drops it like it hot.
We talk about the concept of 'Grindhouse'. And the possibility, of a new sub-sub-genre. Not well by any means, we went to art school. We're only so smart....or I'm only so smart. Jason is his usual lighthouse; shining the light of reason to my fog of confusion.
Listen to him lay it down about director Neil Marshall...he sounds like a totally real movie reviewer dude. It's kinda awesome.

We also get surprising current as we talk about Piranha 3-D and Machete. Ya know, for such a weak summer, it real did end with a bang. Seriously, sometimes are reading my mind.

...and for the rest of it we recap the fine film franchise which is proudly know as 'Friday the 13th'.
...I mean, 13th's 'natch.

And I'm sure there is some other stuff of interest. As we really are only the Greetest....but, I forget. (see above)

~God Bless all Ghoulies,
  Matt DeLight, 2010

ps... "after the fact, no-prizes" to "the boyz"... AND, to all the peeps I saw Piranha 3-D with. You know who you are the beautiful people.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pumpkinhead is a good good movie...

...of course, I also use Pumpkinhead as a euphemism for having sex. Or "making whoopie." So take with a grain of salt when I say something like, "i could watch Pumpkinhead ALLLLLLL night. Pumpkinhead is a good, good movie." Cuzz, it might have a double meaning. (of course, it might also mean I watched Pumpkinhead all night, ...dude's, it's a good movie.)

That said, I super love, girly kiss on the fannie, the motion picture Brainscan. King of all that awesome surveys.
Brainscan is the 1994 video game horror flick. It reads like a poor man's Videodrome, and has Eddie Furlong looking into the camera and sezzing, "I'm Eddie Furlong, I'm 16, and I'm scared." Except he doesn't say Eddie Furlong...he says his characters name. It's pretty cool.
It also has this character Trickster. That's more kind of unfortunate. He looks like a villian from the Buffy/Angel televised episodes, with a personality more abrasive than T.V.'s Fred Krueger in Freddy's Nightmares.
But, you can take that upside down not frown, and turn it around, ... to form a beautiful reverse rainbow. Because Trickster really does grow on you like black mold, and now I can't think of him without smiling.
...le sigh.
Anyway, you should watch it. It way better hella than Inception. Plus, I have watched Brainscan all night long. And Brainscan is just a euphemism for Brainscan.

Episode 12 is pretty dope, huh.
Jason was dry, so i had to drink for the both of us...and I feel...mission accomplished. I don't quite explain the modern day horror of the modern day, as I tried to tie Judge Mathis to Banquet of the Beasts, as well as I liked.
But, that I'm sure it will be a recurring theme in future episodes.

or not,

~matt delight
...and, ya know, I just like to listen to Jason talk. I find it very soothing

Saturday, August 14, 2010

10, 11, wait for it...12! It's up!

12 is up! We cover some summer blockbusters, Inception and The Other Guys. And get into it about Visioneers and the "Torture Porn" genre. Matt get's real emotional, and makes up words like "satisfication". As usual, I fail to finish sentences or complete thoughts. Also, you might want to crack a beer and take a drink every time we say "torture porn".

If the volume is too low, let me know and I'll try to upload a louder one. However, that was my intention in the first place, so I don't know what to tell you.

To those of you with something to say, we need content for the blog. Feel free to send anything movie related you write to us at We want your 2 cents!

- J

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Episode 11

The thing is, We took a step back by recording at home again. This by no means affects the quality of our performance but editing was super hard. Hopefully, we’ll be back in the womb like Soma FM studios for 12. We have been watching movies at an alarming rate. My son has gone feral and is foraging in the yard while I take cinematic bullets for our fans while Matt rubs shoulders with the film fest going elite at this years “Another Hole in the Head” festival. We do it for you.

This episode is chock full of inaccuracies and mistakes, so sharpen your pencils and take notes, there will plenty of opportunity for “On Air No Prizes”. It is also full of the sharply crafted, silver tongued repartee you’ve come to expect from media professionals such as ourselves.

The Exterminator, The Violent Kind, The Losers are all disected. And the unexpected Rampage from polarizing director Uwe Bolle is covered. We do lose focus several times and all the background noise is provided by a fridge and Dexter, my son. We forgot to mention we were drinking giant cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Anchorsteam beers, if you are left wondering. Anyway...

Enjoy, Jason

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fat and Skinny go to the Coffee House...and talk about movies.

...This may be a spoiler. But here we are, talking about movies. Actually, we were talking about The Local 303's(Josh Ellingson and Dave Garvey not pictured) opening at The Artist Xchange...but, we somehow we talked about alligator movies(Black Water) and Goodfellas anyway.
Oh, and my shirt sez... Van Damme is the New Jam.
It's a Jeremy Wheeler.

~matt delight 2010

Oh, and feel free to talk hella praise about us on the really helps a lot.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 10th episode!

Episode 10 (cue emotional swelling strings), who would've thunk it. We're back with an extra long show full of the same wit and insight (or lack there of) that keeps both fans coming back for more. We run the gambit with with big Hollywood shoot-em-ups, fully franchised fright-fests, and enough other movie mayhem to clog the arteries of every studio fat cat that's earned a  screen credit.

We take a stroll down memory lane with our favorite movies from the year we were 10. The we tackle the flicks we've digested over the last few weeks. I won't lie, I am not at my best. But Matt more than makes up for with an impassioned commentary on the "Wrong Turn" trillogy. Then there's plenty of the usual incoherent babble and non sequiturs that are becoming our trademark style. Hope I haven't oversold it.

Enjoy, Jason

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode 9, no bad considering the bender...

...we stay mostly on subject, with wild tangents thrown in. Plus, we got hella movies in. How? I don't know.

Recorded on a Monday(Like a Solomon Grundy) ...we both seemed to have a bender weekend. Jason had a birthday weekend(it was his sweet 16), so he got wasted....and me, I just like benders.
And that includes movies benders.
So Episode of the dog.
That might explain why we forgot to do our obligatory new episode blog post.
Well, here it is now.

Some shit we get into includes... Gone With the Pope, Pontypool, The Escapist, Stepfather, 2012, and Times Square. ...Yeesh.

I'm totally mental the whole time...and forget everything. (Except that ID4 was a bad movie, and you are a bad person if you like it)
I forgot to tell you:
the plot to Gone With the Pope (watch the trailer on our Facebook)
the specific shots in The Stepfather remake that are actually really good
that Congo was a the second feature at the Drive-In...and it's really a much better story.
Time Square is like Ghost World...and you fuckers loved Ghost World.

Among other things.

Apparently, after a bender he becomes a super movie computer.
He is a pure pleasure of information to listen to.

I can't wait to get to Episode 10.
I wanna talk about my favorite movies when I was 10. But, that is fer another time.

Stay limber
or go timber.

~Matt DeLight

PS... I liked Air Force One.

PSS ...oh, if like the Podcast and etc. etc. ...tell yer friends. Thanks!

PSS ...oh, and click on the link for Congo and buy it for 1.49! Whatta deal!