Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FSGM 37 ...or Wang Dang Sweet Poon-Django

...How do you feel about consistent sound quality? Strong opinions? Any opinions? Well, in another Fat and Skinny first, we were actually able to change our recording style in the middle of the episode. Not just from episode to episode as or patiently loyal listeners have grown accustom.
...but, eh...what do you expect from free content that is recorded far beneath the earths surface in the Fat and Skinny Magma Resistant Movie Mausoleum. (Molten rock plays devil with our recording instruments). (Also, I am a robot)
Besides, you with not believe the cinematic diamonds that we dug up just for you!!!(And no, non of them were Mausoleum...unfortunately.)

First, we talk about Bond. There is some documentary out there on the subject... But, then we actually start talking about something really interesting...and by interesting, I mean nasty. Video Nasty.
The Deadly Spawn. Even when you see it. You won't believe it. And believe me, I saw it. And you can too!!! On YouTube!!!

...Oh!!!! and we talk about this years(or last years I should say) Punisher:War Zone...Dredd!!!!
Sack up and hold on to yer butts!

Dredd is a mother lovin' stone cold killa!!!
Speaking of killers, we got Killer Joe. Starring non other than MAXIMUM McConaughey.

...and just to round it out. We talk about the greatest all time killer of all time. Django! Played by non other than Jesus himself...Franco Nero. (Seriously, remember The Visitor?)

Doubt me? Body Count: 138

Why it's almost an all murder, all bloodshed episode. And if the sound quality really bothers you too can always just listen to The Eagles.
(I hate the fucking Eagles)

~Stay Groovy, and we'll catch ya next time
  Matt 'I am robot' DeLight

(and because we at the Fat and Skinny Film Laboratory... Mausoleum...or what I like to call seven minutes in heaven)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Despite the fact that QT's "Django Unchanged" is on every podcast about movies in the world, it's just too good not to mention, and mention we do. Jason squirms while he and Matt discuss the controversial  use of a certain word that will remain unwritten here, which Matt says a bunch. Don Coscarelli's latest offering "John Dies at the End" is given the throws Jason back to the 80's video store days when you had to actually discover cult for yourself. Matt continues his Orson Welles exploration with his review of "The Lady from Shanghai". Peppered with mention of other movies, trailers, and musings on the state of film, the conversation turns melancholy as Jason expresses concern over the well being of "genre" in Hollywood. Will he be okay? Can Matt calm Jason with his unflappable spirit? Tune in, and find out.


FSGM Mgmt.

(and check the podcast here...thanks!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 35...back on the wagon.

Hey Hey! Welcome back Fat and Skinny fans. Episode 35 marks a new landmark in Fat and Skinny history. This is the first episode where we recorded from two separate, remote, locations!!!! Sure this technology has been around for a while, but our film fortresses only just got there ya go. Sounds pretty good all things considered...and let's face it, we really don't want you guys to grow accustomed to a certain style of recording.
This is also the episode where we seem to fall right off the wagon, but that should be fairly obvious right off the bat. And speaking of bats...wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.
First, we get into Season of the Witch (the Nic Cage version) If you ask me, we spend more time on it than it deserves. (That's one of the first scooby clues that we're loaded) However, I would say we were talking less about the movie, and more about Nicolas Cage, the man. We are into enigmas here at Fat and Skinny. If only Uwe Boll would direct a Cage video game, superhero movie. (With Ron Perlman...the newest FSGM movie crush)
(I'm saying watch the Romero Season of the Witch...and Knowing)

Cage may be a batty actor. That's why we love him. Speaking of bats...finally. We get to Chosen Survivors. The 1974 post apocalyptic, animal attacks film. With bats. It rules. It seems to have Panos Cosmatos fingerprints all over it.
The whole movie is up on Youtube. It was also teamed up on DVD with The Earth Dies Screaming. (Because both movies were written by Harry Spalding)

Harry Spalding did NOT write The Last Days of Planet Earth. I just happened to watch that movie after Chosen Survivors at The Vortex Room. It's a Toho production. I dug it. I was pretty boozie.

And to bookend with the concept of the right film for the right time...we present Pop Skull!(directed by Adam Wingard)The Southern fried, J-Ho, post-psych drug movie. The Ring meets Enter the Void...on 2000 dollars.

It's a wild one.

Yup, it's another signature episode alright.

~Fat and Skinny 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Episode 34

WHOA! Listen to those mics courtesy of SomaFM. We just keep getting gooder and gooder still. Heck, at this rate, by next episode we'll be great. Until that time, you have this Gem Mint 10er  of marvelous movie madness to plug up yer ear holes.
I mean, we don't get all the facts right. And sometimes kinda forget the plot points of the film. But, that's because we saw that stuff over two weeks ago. And I ask you, how can you possibly think coherently about a Uwe Boll film when yer too busy thinking about the man himself. (Which is the exact reason that we are the affectionately known as 'little podcast that could'.)

Anyhoo, on to the movies/trailers. Obviously, we get into a little Boll. This time it's the 2007 classic In The Name of The King:A Dungeon Siege Tale. Some things we forgot to mention on the show. Ron Perlman. 'Farmer' is a boomerang expert. (Yup.) Plus, weird forest guardians. Seriously, this will turn your brain into Pinheads Puzzle Box.

And the not quite as classic In The Name of The King 2: Two Worlds
I only watched the first 20 and the last 10 minutes. Maybe that's how it should be watched. The in between bits can be cobbled together watching the trailer.
And then I talk totally incoherently about some old dusty movies. Like this one! I Bury the Living. (the original. Not the 2008 re-make?!?!) Two more things on this one....1. the caretaker did NOT do it. 2. Fuck Inception
Or this one...The Queen of Blood. It's got the Hop, man...the Hop!
Oh...and we talk big, big, Drive-In style action! Like Red Dawn.Yeah...the new one. I very well might stand alone on this one, because let's face it, it's kinda shitty. But, I liked it a whole heap anyway.
And last, but not least...MORE STATHAM!!! Now, I don't think that Statham is always a 'safe' bet...(see Bank Job) ...but, you can bet on Safe. Now take that to the bank.
...Directed by Boaz Yakin...whom I just read today had formed a production company Raw Nerve with Eli Roth, and Raimi pal Scott Spiegel.

Whadda world.

~matt 2012
Support you local video store and rep theater.
(and download the shit out of us on Itunes)

Friday, November 9, 2012

Episode 33, recorded live in a port-o-potty!

Matt exposes himself as a Noir fan, engorged with newfound love of several films he saw while attending the annual “Not Necessarily Noir” film festival held at San Francisco’s venerable Roxie Theater. Jason tries to keep up but remains unusually quiet while Matt weaves an intricate explanation of his interpretation of the genre.

Jason’s rally is a revisiting a duo of holiday blockbuster that were the Home Alone movies of the early nineties, launching a young Mac Culkin into superstardom. These films are not as Jason remembers them. And the new Van Damme entry in the Universal Soldier saga is scrutinized. While recommended, Jason sounds conflicted.

When that’s said and done, you get to hear the boys’ take on the state of things in film, namely, the recent Disney takeover of Star Wars!

Ooh, stimulating.


FSGM Management

Charley Varrick, 1973

The Night of the Following Day, 1968

Fear Over the City (Peur sur la ville), 1975

Home Alones 1 and 2, 1990-92

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning, 2012

Monday, October 15, 2012


Another one!?!? Already!?!?!
Yup! Matt just can't shut up. Which is unfortunate, because Jason has so much to say. It's the beginning of a new era. Maybe? I guess?
Here's the trailers.
Indie Game
Actually, that's the whole damn thing Let's try that again.
The Evictors
But, that entire movie is also on youtube(and netflix)
White Lightning
if you can handle it...Medium Raw(night of the wolf)
That's also the whole fucking thing. I'm not good at this trailer thing.
Tall Man
and the best for last ....VHS
How good it that?!?!?
I'd give you some more...but, I think that's enough. Why jinx it?

Just listen fer yerself!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Jason finally faces his fears in this exciting edition of San Francisco's own Fat and Skinny Go to the Movies. One of the most terrifying images from his childhood was that of the potato sack covered face of the killer from 1976's "The Town That Dreaded Sundown". We here at FSGM are happy to inform you that he is doing okay, and talks about the experience for you listening pleasure.

We have a new hero here at FSGM. His name is Oliver Reed. He was a hard drinking, fist fighting, British actor who appeared in hundreds of movies and television shows. The sheer volume of his output is filled with some of the weirdest choices an actor has ever made. This little gem from 1981 is one strange trip. Part satirical farce, part horror comedy, it is filled with surreal sight gags, bazaar sets, wild make-up, and wacky special effects. It is currently available on Netflix streaming.

There is a smattering of other films mentioned, but you should go listen for yourself to find out what.

FSGM Management