Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I will say only this.


Massacre at Central High

Note that this is not only a trailer, it's in it's entirety on YouTube.



The Church.

Pretty good show actually.
(Check it out here)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FSGM 25, that's almost a 3rd of the way to our 100th episode!

Well the output is mere a trickle. However, what we lack in quantity we make up for in attitude! Did you think I was going to say quality? Hey, there's reviews of Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Final Destination 5, and some movie Matt saw on some website. We spout more stuff about about how, in general, remakes suck. And then there is all dancing, so much dancing, crammed into another action packed installment of the little podcast that could. There was no dancing.

Eat 'em up, yum!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Free movie!

You should watch this friends but if you don't it's still pretty funny.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Turkish Star Wars.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Episode 24. Sorry about the Wait.

...hey everyone.
Sorry about the wait.
Between benders and Jason buying a house. (And all the sweet stuff on TV) We've been busy. (Oh, and the Fat and Skinny flying film fortress...we've also been building one of those.)
So we're sorry about the wait.

In the absence we have been watching watching HELLA.
I, personally, have gone from Vincent Price, to William Castle, to haunted house films, to gothic horror, to Amicus. (With Tombs of the Dead 1-4 and Tremors 1-4 thrown somewhere in the middle)

I consider this KLASSIC Fat and Skinny. With nothing prepared or written down...and movies coming at you so fat and furious you'll pop a Paul Walker.
So naturally we get into House on Haunted Hill(it's a perfect movie)...but, I posted that on our facebook. But we also get into BUG. (cuzz, maaaaaaaaaan, it's go me Buggin').
And that was produced by William Castle. So I think we're cool.
Then, Jason put's the Stathem's 'Mechanic' in his sights...
(this part of the show is less comeback, and more call we did a turn on Bronson's 'Mechanic' in Episode 19) I have a new love... her name is Mandy Lane.
and, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
...and then, for some reason, we get into Dead Heat. Go fig.
...yeah, that's not blurry at all.

Anyhoo, if you listen closely you can hear Jason's lovely wife Jen in with some solids points. How she puts up with us idiots is beyond me.

Well, I gotta jet.
Touch of Evil is playing at The Red Vic in an hour.
Man, I'm gonna miss that theatre when she's gone.

~matt 2011
(support your local video store and rep theatre)
sorry about the wait
listen here!

Episode 23. It's a cosmic coincidence.

...did you know that the number 23 is linked to all manner of cosmic co-ink-i-dinks. It's true(ish). Look it up.

And speaking of's another 'Spacey' episode of Fat and Skinny. And I ain't talkin' Kevin.

Ya see, I was sooooooooooo pumped to talk about Scream 4 I forgot to mention actually why it really is so awesome. I'd like to blame these slips of the mind on my desperate attempt NOT to spoil the intro to Scream 4. It really is a hoot, and sets the tone to the whole film. However, the surprise is almost everything.
Anyhoo, I fumbled and in doing so forgot to mention some stuff...
First, (and this is actually super embarrassing ) my real good buddy (and occasional Fat and Skinny commenter) Jeremy Wheeler had a bunch of his rock posters featured in the film. (You can even see them in the trailer...see below) I was more than stoked to see so much his work in the movie. So super proud of the dude. And I forget. Put it in my show notes. And I forget. (But, you should see my notes.)
I'm sorry buddy. That's a 'my bad'. However, I'm still super stoked and proud of the fella. Go here and check out his work. Stella!
Second, unlike Scream 1 and 2,(i can't recall 3) Scream 4 seems to mimic different visual styles from all sorts of various sub-genres. There seems like bits Final Destination, Texas Chainsaw, the Chainsaw re-make, and numerous direct to disc teen bodycount films. If you know 'film' (and by which, i mean, genre) it adds to that layer of how we perceive our media. It also adds that 'rap battle' attitude that seems to recall Cravens earlier career.
(The whole Jaws to Hills Have Eyes to Evil Dead to Nightmare on Elm Street back to Evil Dead II) By the end of the film you almost get the feeling Craven is saying, "Ya know what...I started something." Then by    emulating all the various styles it proves to all the young Turks out there that have been biting the Scream formula that he can do it that way too.
Hmmmmm, maybe it's just a message to every director in the game...'that's not not snarky, meta-commentary on media through horror, THIS is snarky, meta-commentary on media through horror.'
...but in case you want an 80's slasher from the 80' doesn't get more 80's than this...
Happy Birthday to Me
...speaking of perception. You can't tell a book by the cover in Simon Rumley's...
Red, White, and Blue
...speaking of red, white, and blue... we also manage to squeeze in an Australian film... or favorite past time...

...N that's about it.
Join us next time when we talk about movies.
Always with the movies.

Matt DeLight 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Episode 22. Straight to your Heart.

...I don't have whole lot of time here. As I'm currently transforming my room so that it looks like an 'Enchantment Under the Sea' prom. It's my girlfriends birthday...and I'm a total swat. And I don't have a lot of time.
Which gives me zero time to explain our hiatus. What can I say. We love vacation.
Oh, and if it seems as if we more fired up than usual. It's cuzzed we recorded the episode right after we deleted the episode we just recorded. Ya know...the ol' Fat and Skinny curse.
Here's the movies...or the trailers, to the movies that we talk about... oh... you know drill.

Anyhoo, speaking of proms... Cabin Fever 2
Speaking of twos....Exorcist 2 that's not the trailer at all. But, If that doesn't sell you on this...well... sheeeeeeeeeeit.
Speaking of shit and taking number 2's....Jason sure didn't cotton to well to Skyline.
And last but not least...Rubber. Hopefully after girlfriend see's this room ... I'll get ta wear a couple.
Sure...they're cheap jokes. But, what do you expect from a dude who's hella broke.
....yeah, another ace episode.
OK... they balloons ain't gonna blow themselves up.
~matt delight
ps....and watch some more movies.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Episode 21...Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moustache.

...So Again. Here we are. At yet another episode. And again...we drink not beer...but Root Beer. Oh, and whiskey. I was drinking alot and alot of whiskey. (See if you can't spot the exact moment that I am drunk)

So the Root Beer I was drinking was be exact, (if you were interested)...and, it's hells of delicious. No one is paying me to say that (yet)... just thought you'd like ta know.

On to the movies. The glorious, glorious movies.
As our 'Par Usual', we are all over the map. But, it does seem to me that we manage a pretty awesome theme. And that theme happens to be, Awesome Moustache. I have finally come to grips that I, myself, will never be able to grow an awesome moustache, or ride a faux fixie, or even ferry folks across the Rio Grande on a barge... I can only experience these pleasures from afar. From the comfort of the video screen I live through these dreams. I am a far cry from the hipster my father was and wanted me to be.
Here's the trailers to this episode.
Please, don't look me in the eyes.

The first clip is from Barquero. It's not the trailer...I couldn't find it...but, then again...I didn't look very hard. Rather this is one persons favorite clips from the movie...I think. It's the whole movie in under 10 minutes...but, I don't agree 100% with the choice of scenes...but hell, that's this movie in a nut shell...once you see it, you can't help but spend more time with it than it deserves. Lee Van Cliff= Awesome Moustache.
Have you seen Animal Kingdom? Do you like crime movies? Can you just fucking watch this already so we can talk about the ending. Also, Guy Pearce = Awesome Moustache.
Then Quicksilver. Bacon is Eggs. When his world gets scrambled, he turns to the only thing he can trust.  His bike, and freedom!!!! But after Voodoo get wacked, will that be enough to save Tiny, Teddy Bear, and Airborne from the clutches of Gypsy!
~And if that kind of incoherent talk can get yer butt into a movie, than you are sure to enjoy this....cuzz it doesn't make a heap of sense. It's like a mystery, inside a box, inside enigma, wrapped around a middle finger. So fun. I just want to hug this movie and tell it it's beautiful.
Saving the best for last. Kevin Bacon=Awesome Moustache. Actually, he's King 'Stache. We bow before him and buckle at his wake.
...mmmmmmm.....bacon moustache.

~matt delight


Here's the new one...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top ten when we were 20!

Here is a really long episode, busted into two parts, where we tell you what our favorite movies when we were 20. For Jason it was '89-'90, Matt was '95-'96. Some real powerhouse selections are covered. Get yer pens out, because if you haven't seen these you should. I think it really paints a pretty accurate portrait of us as we enter the most formative of film buff years. At 20, it appears that we both were becoming tired of the standard Hollywood dreck and began to break out and seek new and more exciting film avenues. We  were hungry for Asian Extreme, B-Movie Actioners, Art House, and just about anything we could find. You know how it is when you just can't get enough of whatever it is you need. Anyway, here is part 1, 2 is right on it's heels.

- Jason

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drop Nineteens? Fucking awesome, right? Well, we just dropped (episode) 19 and it's awesome too.

Totally awesome.
As awesome as the Drop Nineteens tripped-out, early 90's, shoegaze, guitar bliss?
But, what can I say? I really liked the track 'Winona'. Just always reminds me of makin-out with a pretty pretty girl in the park, on a sunny sunny day. Awesome.
Anyway, speaking of awesome make-out sessions...another thing i really like are movies! And listeners, boy howdy did you 'make-out' like a bandit on our lastest, nay I say greatest, episode.
First, we're drunk. So that's back.
We're slower to our points...but, there is more fire in our bellies.(or is that beer in our...) We have also settled on a production schedule, so you fans have that to look forward too. Also, we promised merch, 'real' and not 'no' prizes, more blog posts, tweets,facebook updates, and actual 'Fat and Skinny' events. Some of this will surely happen...others...well, we are nothing if not well intentioned.
And that's not even mentioning THE MOVIES we get into.
Ladies and Gentlemen...hold on to your butts.
First up is Enter The Void. It sez Into the Void on our Itunes. That's because we hate the facts. All the facts!

Also, did you know that Chev Chelios is gonna remake the Bronson movie the Mechanic. Yeah, we don't know exactly how to fell about it either. We watched the original just to prepare. Charles is Brawn's Son.
Almost more mustache, than man...
Next we get onto 'Rapid Fire'. It stars 'The Crow'. I have not seen it...and can't reacall the show...which normally i listen to...but...
Lastest but surely not leastest...we get into The Loved Ones. Not to be confused with Evelyn Waugh's novel that spurred the 1965 movie of the same title. (Which is also amazing...stars a young Jonathan Winters, and is also a movie of high recommendation) No, this is the 2009 Australian teen-torture, future, classic that has flabbed the gaskets of all us here at the FSGM floating movie observatory.
...we've posted it on our facebook, like, twice already...but, dang. Look at that shit. It's Craaaaaaaaaay-zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!
...and just because I'm your favorite. Here's Winona.
...find me later if you just wanna watch movies and make-out.

Fat and Skinny are GO
~matt delight 2011

Episode 19.

I jumped the gun and uploaded episode 19 before I told Matt, he said he'd write the post. In the meantime, I wanted to get it out there.

Cheers - J

Saturday, January 8, 2011

FSGM 18, Year in review!

Once again, we are barely holding this thing together. I decided it would be a good time to do a decade wrap-up and Matt points out that would have been better last year. He's right! Fuck that, he let's me do i anyway. What a guy. Too much to summarize, so just enjoy random banter. I dare you to try and follow us, it's not easy. Happy New Year and thanks to you all, Jason