Wednesday, February 20, 2013

FSGM 37 ...or Wang Dang Sweet Poon-Django

...How do you feel about consistent sound quality? Strong opinions? Any opinions? Well, in another Fat and Skinny first, we were actually able to change our recording style in the middle of the episode. Not just from episode to episode as or patiently loyal listeners have grown accustom.
...but, eh...what do you expect from free content that is recorded far beneath the earths surface in the Fat and Skinny Magma Resistant Movie Mausoleum. (Molten rock plays devil with our recording instruments). (Also, I am a robot)
Besides, you with not believe the cinematic diamonds that we dug up just for you!!!(And no, non of them were Mausoleum...unfortunately.)

First, we talk about Bond. There is some documentary out there on the subject... But, then we actually start talking about something really interesting...and by interesting, I mean nasty. Video Nasty.
The Deadly Spawn. Even when you see it. You won't believe it. And believe me, I saw it. And you can too!!! On YouTube!!!

...Oh!!!! and we talk about this years(or last years I should say) Punisher:War Zone...Dredd!!!!
Sack up and hold on to yer butts!

Dredd is a mother lovin' stone cold killa!!!
Speaking of killers, we got Killer Joe. Starring non other than MAXIMUM McConaughey.

...and just to round it out. We talk about the greatest all time killer of all time. Django! Played by non other than Jesus himself...Franco Nero. (Seriously, remember The Visitor?)

Doubt me? Body Count: 138

Why it's almost an all murder, all bloodshed episode. And if the sound quality really bothers you too can always just listen to The Eagles.
(I hate the fucking Eagles)

~Stay Groovy, and we'll catch ya next time
  Matt 'I am robot' DeLight

(and because we at the Fat and Skinny Film Laboratory... Mausoleum...or what I like to call seven minutes in heaven)

...and here it is on Itunes