Saturday, November 20, 2010

In Seventeen, everything is fine. As the lady in the radiator sings our praises...Episode 17 Episode 17

Recorded on the Tuesday, which some call November the 16th.
I got off work and biked over to Jason's to record episode 17...of the podcast everyone is apparently screaming about...Fat and Skinny Go To the Movies.
I kinda skipped lunch. (I've been skipping meals lately). But, Jason made me some Pizza Rolls anyway. He had a burrito...and there were some chips too. From SanChez...they know how to make a chip. I haven't been sleeping well, so i had more and more coffee...but nothing was seeming to help.
It's another dry episode...which may be for the best. It was the middle of the afternoon. Besides, I think all my drinking is giving me high blood pressure. I can feel it in my left arm and in my fingers.
Still, that doesn't stop it from being the best podcast ever anyone...(much less us)

And like always...we are always all over the map.
So pull the fucking globe out you humps...we fly to Italy and beyond the stars and talk about The Visitor. then it's to sunny ol' Britain for the Jihadist comedy Four Lions.(Which apparently IS playing at The Lumiere here in SF), then it's back to the states, back in time, and into a video game as I am currently(like electrical currently) uber pumped for TRON...and just to ruin it for everyone, we talk about Walking Dead. It's a TV show. It's quite popular.
(and yes, it's also a comic...they're all from comics these days)
I think we ever shoehorn in some Goonies.

We're Good.

OK, I'm gonna lie down and listen to the new episode.
It's been an another assy 48 hours.

And I always dig Jason's production.

Matt DeLight
10:43 am
November 20, 2010

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