Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello 2012!

In a return nearly overshadowed by a Ferris Bueller Super Bowl commercial teaser, we are older, wiser, and less focused. Impossible you say? Well listen for yourself! It’s a spectacularly disorganized, just under 90 minute tribute to 2011. While Jason constantly interrupts Matt, our erstwhile duo cough and sputter their way through an exponentially growing list of movie only barely tethered to the concept of a year end wrap up show. Here is only a small sample of the films covered.

Attack the Block

Point Blank

Red State

Poltergiest III(?)

Oh, which trailers to post?
Check it out here!
Enjoy, Jason


  1. Hey Gang,

    Yes I am one of your few listeners although I guess I get lazy or distracted to leave comments most of the time. I am going to try to get into doing it now. Hey Jason very cool you saw THE NEST another reason I love Matt and your podcast you guys are like my movie going pals even though we have never seen a flick together. I learned about THE NEST like other interesting films on a few threads on the message board. I finally rented a copy of it from one of my long gone video rental places nearby. Great film!

    I do have to say with rental places they are vanishing and in my area Twin Peaks they are just about gone. Their are at least a couple in the Irving St./Inner Sunset area I do know about. Anyways great job and keep it going!

    1. ...thanks Boss!!! It's groovy cats like you that give us the strength to carry on.