Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Episode 35...back on the wagon.

Hey Hey! Welcome back Fat and Skinny fans. Episode 35 marks a new landmark in Fat and Skinny history. This is the first episode where we recorded from two separate, remote, locations!!!! Sure this technology has been around for a while, but our film fortresses only just got there ya go. Sounds pretty good all things considered...and let's face it, we really don't want you guys to grow accustomed to a certain style of recording.
This is also the episode where we seem to fall right off the wagon, but that should be fairly obvious right off the bat. And speaking of bats...wait, I'm getting ahead of myself.
First, we get into Season of the Witch (the Nic Cage version) If you ask me, we spend more time on it than it deserves. (That's one of the first scooby clues that we're loaded) However, I would say we were talking less about the movie, and more about Nicolas Cage, the man. We are into enigmas here at Fat and Skinny. If only Uwe Boll would direct a Cage video game, superhero movie. (With Ron Perlman...the newest FSGM movie crush)
(I'm saying watch the Romero Season of the Witch...and Knowing)

Cage may be a batty actor. That's why we love him. Speaking of bats...finally. We get to Chosen Survivors. The 1974 post apocalyptic, animal attacks film. With bats. It rules. It seems to have Panos Cosmatos fingerprints all over it.
The whole movie is up on Youtube. It was also teamed up on DVD with The Earth Dies Screaming. (Because both movies were written by Harry Spalding)

Harry Spalding did NOT write The Last Days of Planet Earth. I just happened to watch that movie after Chosen Survivors at The Vortex Room. It's a Toho production. I dug it. I was pretty boozie.

And to bookend with the concept of the right film for the right time...we present Pop Skull!(directed by Adam Wingard)The Southern fried, J-Ho, post-psych drug movie. The Ring meets Enter the Void...on 2000 dollars.

It's a wild one.

Yup, it's another signature episode alright.

~Fat and Skinny 2012

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