Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Episode 34

WHOA! Listen to those mics courtesy of SomaFM. We just keep getting gooder and gooder still. Heck, at this rate, by next episode we'll be great. Until that time, you have this Gem Mint 10er  of marvelous movie madness to plug up yer ear holes.
I mean, we don't get all the facts right. And sometimes kinda forget the plot points of the film. But, that's because we saw that stuff over two weeks ago. And I ask you, how can you possibly think coherently about a Uwe Boll film when yer too busy thinking about the man himself. (Which is the exact reason that we are the affectionately known as 'little podcast that could'.)

Anyhoo, on to the movies/trailers. Obviously, we get into a little Boll. This time it's the 2007 classic In The Name of The King:A Dungeon Siege Tale. Some things we forgot to mention on the show. Ron Perlman. 'Farmer' is a boomerang expert. (Yup.) Plus, weird forest guardians. Seriously, this will turn your brain into Pinheads Puzzle Box.

And the not quite as classic In The Name of The King 2: Two Worlds
I only watched the first 20 and the last 10 minutes. Maybe that's how it should be watched. The in between bits can be cobbled together watching the trailer.
And then I talk totally incoherently about some old dusty movies. Like this one! I Bury the Living. (the original. Not the 2008 re-make?!?!) Two more things on this one....1. the caretaker did NOT do it. 2. Fuck Inception
Or this one...The Queen of Blood. It's got the Hop, man...the Hop!
Oh...and we talk big, big, Drive-In style action! Like Red Dawn.Yeah...the new one. I very well might stand alone on this one, because let's face it, it's kinda shitty. But, I liked it a whole heap anyway.
And last, but not least...MORE STATHAM!!! Now, I don't think that Statham is always a 'safe' bet...(see Bank Job) ...but, you can bet on Safe. Now take that to the bank.
...Directed by Boaz Yakin...whom I just read today had formed a production company Raw Nerve with Eli Roth, and Raimi pal Scott Spiegel.

Whadda world.

~matt 2012
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