Monday, April 12, 2010

Thinner was a Bachman Book, The Bachman Books are not Different Seasons, and I thought Different Seasons was Skeleton Crew.

Just when you thought we were gone...we come back like champions.
Off the cuff, totally exhausted, makin' stuff up as we go, beer drinkin' CHAMPIONS!
Or, at least, I was.
Thought I should get that outta the way.

Sorry, about the lag between Episode 4 and 5. That was largely my fault. As it turns out one of my roommates bought a house 5 months ago and then gave us a 30 day other roommate is a there ya go. Epic, wild, and crazy.
Actually, Episode 5 was recorded on Friday night just moments after Jason came over to the 'Attic Oasis' to help take apart furniture. That Saturday, I woke up to move all my stuff into storage.
....thus, the inaccuracies. I even knew that Thinner was a Bachman book...  Le Sigh, it was that damned 1996 movie that confused the heck outta me. Couldn't picture the book cover in my mind, just that ultra-photoshop-surreal movie poster. Yeesh.
And have you ever thought about how many Stephen King movies have been made. Start to make a mental list, and you start to go mental. From obvious ones like Carrie (1976).  To ones that one may forget (cuzz it's so unlike his other work),  Stand By Me (1986). To stuff I know you forgot (or at least should have) The Langoliers (1995). Remember, it was that TV movie starring Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot) as the dick executive who gets eaten by a silver CG pac-man.

We should totally do a King episode!!!!!
(but, we probably won't)
Oh, and considering all the King movies that have been made. The Mist was actually the last one made in 2007. Crazy, huh?

Anyhoo, expect us to get back to our regular schedule ASAP. We got all sort of movies ta talk to ya about.
Episode 5 is awesome, I think you'll really dig it. Take a drink every time you hear me make a slurping sound, say "basically" or "what I'm saying" and you'll sure to be fucked up by the end.

In closing, big ups to all our fans/listeners.
Stay Posi

~matt delight 2010

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  1. king also did shawshank which is sort of weird to think about. albeit it was a short story turned into a not so short movie.