Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When Animals Attack! Episode 6.

We have 1000+ downloads! Thanks everyone. You complete us. As this new episode airs we sit a the edge of a new era. An era filled with reboots, reimaginings, remakes, updates, sequels, and TV adaptations, and all in incredible 3D! In episode 6 we don't talk about any of that flapdoodle. Instead, we cover smaller, older, sometimes poorly made flicks that deserve to be unearthed and enjoyed in the homes of a different kind of film lover. The kind of film lover that would listen to a couple of jokers yammer on for an hour about whatever with little or no preparation. But you are out there. And we love you.

We are all over the place, again. We cover Phase 4, a classic deadly ant movie, which then turns into a loose discussion about animal attack movies. When I say loose, I mean we have no idea what we are saying. We just go.

Then there's Sometimes They Come Back, Dead Man's Shoes, and Reflecting Skin. All thoroughly covered with elegant articulation you have come to expect from the broadcasting professionals here at Fat and Skinny. If you keep listening, we'll keep talking.

Cheers, Jason

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