Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lucky Number Seven(?)

Lucky? Maybe not. Good? Maybe not. But I think if we have anything to offer it's starting to surface. Technical difficulties, various degrees of inebriation, and lack of information are starting to distill into a free form discourse of usable information. They may not be the films you wanted to see. They may be the films you purposefully avoided. But dammit, if we reset your expectations, you might just find a movie that you will enjoy. And isn't that enough? If you see a movie we recommend and you hate it, you can still turn to someone at work and tell them about the shitty movie you saw last night. And the next thing you know you and that person are hanging out. You are watching shitty movies and hanging out and having the time of your lives. And you and that person cure cancer. Okay, I skipped a couple of steps. Fine. But it's a start.

Orca is one of those movies. It polarizes Fat and Skinny. Then it brings us together in one huge hi-five. What more can one ask of the shared experience of motion picture. Episode 7 is the real first episode of Fat and Skinny. Hang in there. We're coming for your love. Cheers, Jason