Monday, August 23, 2010

Pumpkinhead is a good good movie...

...of course, I also use Pumpkinhead as a euphemism for having sex. Or "making whoopie." So take with a grain of salt when I say something like, "i could watch Pumpkinhead ALLLLLLL night. Pumpkinhead is a good, good movie." Cuzz, it might have a double meaning. (of course, it might also mean I watched Pumpkinhead all night, ...dude's, it's a good movie.)

That said, I super love, girly kiss on the fannie, the motion picture Brainscan. King of all that awesome surveys.
Brainscan is the 1994 video game horror flick. It reads like a poor man's Videodrome, and has Eddie Furlong looking into the camera and sezzing, "I'm Eddie Furlong, I'm 16, and I'm scared." Except he doesn't say Eddie Furlong...he says his characters name. It's pretty cool.
It also has this character Trickster. That's more kind of unfortunate. He looks like a villian from the Buffy/Angel televised episodes, with a personality more abrasive than T.V.'s Fred Krueger in Freddy's Nightmares.
But, you can take that upside down not frown, and turn it around, ... to form a beautiful reverse rainbow. Because Trickster really does grow on you like black mold, and now I can't think of him without smiling.
...le sigh.
Anyway, you should watch it. It way better hella than Inception. Plus, I have watched Brainscan all night long. And Brainscan is just a euphemism for Brainscan.

Episode 12 is pretty dope, huh.
Jason was dry, so i had to drink for the both of us...and I feel...mission accomplished. I don't quite explain the modern day horror of the modern day, as I tried to tie Judge Mathis to Banquet of the Beasts, as well as I liked.
But, that I'm sure it will be a recurring theme in future episodes.

or not,

~matt delight
...and, ya know, I just like to listen to Jason talk. I find it very soothing

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