Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I got the Bad Guts...reeeeeeeeaaaal hard.

...or funny guts. Or diarrhea. Or whatever you wanna call it. Whatever it was explosive.
I think it really affected my judgement. There really may be monster poop in Monster Squad. But, ya know....I really can't remember. Hell, I can't remember alot of things.
I do remember that Milla Jovovich is hot. So, I guess I'm doing alright.
Speaking of hot. Episode 13 of San Antonio's favorite weird movie podcast (Fat and Skinny Go To the Movies) comes out swinging, and drops it like it hot.
We talk about the concept of 'Grindhouse'. And the possibility, of a new sub-sub-genre. Not well by any means, we went to art school. We're only so smart....or I'm only so smart. Jason is his usual lighthouse; shining the light of reason to my fog of confusion.
Listen to him lay it down about director Neil Marshall...he sounds like a totally real movie reviewer dude. It's kinda awesome.

We also get surprising current as we talk about Piranha 3-D and Machete. Ya know, for such a weak summer, it real did end with a bang. Seriously, sometimes are reading my mind.

...and for the rest of it we recap the fine film franchise which is proudly know as 'Friday the 13th'.
...I mean, 13th's 'natch.

And I'm sure there is some other stuff of interest. As we really are only the Greetest....but, I forget. (see above)

~God Bless all Ghoulies,
  Matt DeLight, 2010

ps... "after the fact, no-prizes" to "the boyz"... AND, to all the peeps I saw Piranha 3-D with. You know who you are the beautiful people.

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