Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tangerine Dream did the soundtrack to Near Dark...

...not that you would particularly know that if you listened to our podcast. I think we neglected to mention that in the last podcast. Ya know, Episode 14. The episode that talks about Near Dark in extensive detail...and the podcast that loves to talk about Tangerine Dream. Well, we missed it. Sometimes we are the most unorganized movie podcast in history...
However, I am also pretty sure we(well, Jason) has mentioned their musical prowess on Near Dark in a previous episode. Maybe episode 3 or I really don't feel too bad about it.
I also don't feel too bad about us talking at length about "I Come in Peace" aka Dark Angel. No one is talking about that movie anymore...and I kinda like that. It really is a solid actioner. And again, while I totally screw up the memory of the posters tag-line. (which happens to be the highly terrible/forgettable, "good cop. bad alien. big trouble.") I am just proud of dusting off these old movies, and bringing them back into the awesome floodlight which is Fat and Skinny.
Hell, with our heat, and Hollywood pull...expect to see that shit hit Criterion within the next few months.
I know...awesome! right?
As usual, we talk about a whole heap of other stuff. From big B Hollywooders(Resident Evil:Afterlife), to Z-grade Schlockers (Blood of the Zombie), to everything in between (<Rec>).

Also, just so we are 100% crystal...this is Paul 'Wild Shit' Anderson...
...currently on the set of Castlevania. This is the man who only makes the WILD SHIT...and after being on the set of Alien vs. Predator all day, he still found the time to put a baby inside of Milla Jovitch's tummy. He is officially my hero.

Big love to all our listeners and fans.

~Matt DeLight
October 3rd 2010

ps... i have no idea when Paul knocked up Milla.

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