Thursday, March 3, 2011

Episode 21...Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Moustache.

...So Again. Here we are. At yet another episode. And again...we drink not beer...but Root Beer. Oh, and whiskey. I was drinking alot and alot of whiskey. (See if you can't spot the exact moment that I am drunk)

So the Root Beer I was drinking was be exact, (if you were interested)...and, it's hells of delicious. No one is paying me to say that (yet)... just thought you'd like ta know.

On to the movies. The glorious, glorious movies.
As our 'Par Usual', we are all over the map. But, it does seem to me that we manage a pretty awesome theme. And that theme happens to be, Awesome Moustache. I have finally come to grips that I, myself, will never be able to grow an awesome moustache, or ride a faux fixie, or even ferry folks across the Rio Grande on a barge... I can only experience these pleasures from afar. From the comfort of the video screen I live through these dreams. I am a far cry from the hipster my father was and wanted me to be.
Here's the trailers to this episode.
Please, don't look me in the eyes.

The first clip is from Barquero. It's not the trailer...I couldn't find it...but, then again...I didn't look very hard. Rather this is one persons favorite clips from the movie...I think. It's the whole movie in under 10 minutes...but, I don't agree 100% with the choice of scenes...but hell, that's this movie in a nut shell...once you see it, you can't help but spend more time with it than it deserves. Lee Van Cliff= Awesome Moustache.
Have you seen Animal Kingdom? Do you like crime movies? Can you just fucking watch this already so we can talk about the ending. Also, Guy Pearce = Awesome Moustache.
Then Quicksilver. Bacon is Eggs. When his world gets scrambled, he turns to the only thing he can trust.  His bike, and freedom!!!! But after Voodoo get wacked, will that be enough to save Tiny, Teddy Bear, and Airborne from the clutches of Gypsy!
~And if that kind of incoherent talk can get yer butt into a movie, than you are sure to enjoy this....cuzz it doesn't make a heap of sense. It's like a mystery, inside a box, inside enigma, wrapped around a middle finger. So fun. I just want to hug this movie and tell it it's beautiful.
Saving the best for last. Kevin Bacon=Awesome Moustache. Actually, he's King 'Stache. We bow before him and buckle at his wake.
...mmmmmmm.....bacon moustache.

~matt delight

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