Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Episode 22. Straight to your Heart.

...I don't have whole lot of time here. As I'm currently transforming my room so that it looks like an 'Enchantment Under the Sea' prom. It's my girlfriends birthday...and I'm a total swat. And I don't have a lot of time.
Which gives me zero time to explain our hiatus. What can I say. We love vacation.
Oh, and if it seems as if we more fired up than usual. It's cuzzed we recorded the episode right after we deleted the episode we just recorded. Ya know...the ol' Fat and Skinny curse.
Here's the movies...or the trailers, to the movies that we talk about... oh... you know drill.

Anyhoo, speaking of proms... Cabin Fever 2
Speaking of twos....Exorcist 2
Ok...so that's not the trailer at all. But, If that doesn't sell you on this...well... sheeeeeeeeeeit.
Speaking of shit and taking number 2's....Jason sure didn't cotton to well to Skyline.
And last but not least...Rubber. Hopefully after girlfriend see's this room ... I'll get ta wear a couple.
Sure...they're cheap jokes. But, what do you expect from a dude who's hella broke.
....yeah, another ace episode.
OK... they balloons ain't gonna blow themselves up.
~matt delight
ps....and watch some more movies.

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