Friday, August 24, 2012

FSGM 29!

What do you get when you cross internet memes with 80's style action? "Bad Ass" is what you get. It's a better than you think it's gonna be fictionalized version of the Youtube sensation that is Epic Beard Man. You can hear about it, and a bunch of other stuff, in the latest episode of the little movie podcast that could.

No matter how long they are apart, Matt and Jason just fall right back into the groove. Recorded in the beautiful Soma FM studio, eppy 29 offers you a dangerous combination of witty repartee and hard hitting observation that has garnered Fat and Skinny their tiny but devoted fan base. Jason actually recommends a documentary that you'll acyually have to track down because he leaves out all most every important detail. You want details? It's not that kind of podcast.

Enjoy the show!

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