Friday, September 14, 2012

FSGM 30!

This is our time film fans. In these fertile past few years we have seen stunning developments in technology that feed us endless varieties of visual stimulation. One can simply pluck motion pictures out of the air and enjoy them any where, anytime on any one of a myriad of portable devices. Any thing with a screen has linked to the heavens to instantly satisfy our every whim. What’s your pleasure? Is it horror, sci-fi, romcom, torture porn? Simply log on and enjoy your favorite film from any genre, any era, at any time.

But wait! The vastness is overwhelming! Searching for hour after hour; too old, too new, too long, to tame, on and on into oblivion. We once had to make grand gestures to find our treasure. Waiting for film to come to us. Yet somehow the output of the film industry was manageable. Independent video stores’ shelves bowed under the weight of the clamshells waiting to serve the hunter the strange and fantastic in film. It was daunting, but we would perceiver. And often we did. For every Tequila Sunrise, there was an Evil Dead. For every Mrs. Doubtfire there was an Eve of Destruction.

Matt and Jason stumble. They fall into the black. And then there is nothing. An endless scroll of virtual box covers. The search for sanctuary seems feudal. Then, like a distant voice, only the faintest murmur sounds in the darkness. It withdraws, then surges, withdraws, surges. Lurching forward it becomes louder until it is deafening! Matt reaches out, grabbing Jason by the scruff.

“I know what must be done!” he exclaims.

From the heart of the Mission, like a beacon in the night, FSGM returns for the 30th episode. This time the movies covered are a cautionary tale of descent into the gaping maw of the internet. They are movies that are unnecessary for our listeners to digest. Not bad (The Hunter, 2012), not good (Hot Rod), but unnecessary. So join our heroes as they strive to discover that which is worth watching. Head their words and beware the abyss. They remain vigilant so you don’t have to.

The Hunter


High Ballin'

Hot Rod

and plenty more!

(on Itunes even)

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