Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 10th episode!

Episode 10 (cue emotional swelling strings), who would've thunk it. We're back with an extra long show full of the same wit and insight (or lack there of) that keeps both fans coming back for more. We run the gambit with with big Hollywood shoot-em-ups, fully franchised fright-fests, and enough other movie mayhem to clog the arteries of every studio fat cat that's earned a  screen credit.

We take a stroll down memory lane with our favorite movies from the year we were 10. The we tackle the flicks we've digested over the last few weeks. I won't lie, I am not at my best. But Matt more than makes up for with an impassioned commentary on the "Wrong Turn" trillogy. Then there's plenty of the usual incoherent babble and non sequiturs that are becoming our trademark style. Hope I haven't oversold it.

Enjoy, Jason

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  1. -Michael Berryman..
    -Legend Director's Cut (Ultimate Edition) was released 2002 - Contains Goldsmith S/T
    -Jon Anderson is lead singer for Yes. John McLaughlin was in Mahavishnu Orchestra.