Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Skins Movie Confimed!

Yup, True Believers...believe it.
Not only do I love movies, I also love high-school teen dramas. (Degrassi, OC, 90210, Fifteen, Freaks and Geeks, So-Called Life, and Glee to name some Favs.)
AND...not only do I love high-school teen dramas. I love Brit-Pop. (Blur, Boo Radleys, Kinks, Black Wire, Art Brut, Crystal Castles, as some examples).
So it goes without saying that I am beyond super bed-wetting excited...when confirmed at March 21, 2010... The Skins Movie.

I did some digging and turned up this hot gem on OHNOTHEYDIDNT's live journal. Jack Thorne is writing it. He wrote some of my favorite stuff in Season 2. Also, the movie is gonna involve mostly the 2nd Generation of the show...which makes right fucking sense...I mean, the end of Season 4 is fucking MENTAL.
"...i mean, i'm Cook......IIIIIIIIIIII'MMM COOOOOOK!!!!!!"
Fucking right?!
The fuck.
That's the way to end a series!
Specially if ya wanna follow that with a movie...a movie I wanna see.

Oh, and Nick Hoult(he was Tony in Generation 1) may make a cameo. That is if he's done with the filming  for Mad Max. So, I guess, that's news to me too. Nick Hoult is in Mad Max. Huh. there ya go.
OH, before I go, here is a...Fan Editted Skins Promo Video that is fucking AMAZING.
I couldn't find a video of the video of the end of Season 3 Episode 1 in memory of Max Preece.
But, seriously...watchit, watchit, watchit.

Dudes...Dude-ettes... it's NME'sworld.
We all just living in it.

Stay limber,
or timber.

~matt delight

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