Thursday, February 18, 2010

18 and counting!

    I am excited to report that as of this post, we have been downloaded 18 times. All in all, not a bad first show. I thought that we sounded pretty good. We played off of each other pretty well. And our pacing seemed pretty even. I do think we need a little better preparation. We also need to hammer out a few details with the recording situation. Matt leaned on a toy that makes noise and my son makes a cameo toward the end. We’re just figuring it out.
    I wanted to add a few details. I discovered after recording that one of the movies we talked about, Get Crazy, is in fact currently running on Comcast On Demand, but is not available on DVD. There are VHS copies for sale on Amazon and Ebay. I also referred the Vince Vaughn movie as Couples Weekend, it is called Couple Retreat. Sorry Vince, we cool?
    I will start listing the films we’ve discussed in future postings, along with pertinent information. We also want to hear from you. Recommendations are always welcome. If we start getting comments and emails it might be fun to read them on the show.
    We will be back with a new show in the next 2 weeks and hope you come back for more. There is also a Facebook page going up and we will be on Twitter so we can rip on things as we watch them.

Cheers and Thanks again for checking us out, Jason (Fat)

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  1. ...personally, I liked the outside noises. Makes it seem folksy.