Monday, February 8, 2010

Meanwhile, back at "The Ranch"...

We like movies...alot. Thus the Podcast and The Blog. I'll be honest, I'm a lazy blogger. Most of this is due to me being confused and baffled by most tabs and buttons on the internet. I can absolutely assure you I am screwing this way up and Jason will go in later and fix my mistakes...I seriously can't even tell if I loaded the picture right.  I'm sooooo analog, that sometimes it hurts.
Ask me how many VCR's I had in my old apt.? I think the answer will surprise you.

But, I digress.
The point, is that it should come to little surprise that I am a lover of Star Wars. It is, in many ways is my Achilles Heel and possible entry point to the concept of true love.

 So the other day I had the honor to visiting Skywalker Ranch. I lost my shit. I can't really say it was this totally amazing story, that has changed the course of my life forever. I will say that simply being there was like an incredible drug, that later I found it hard to come down from.
I took a bunch of photos, many too boring to even entertain post...mostly taken because, IT'S AT SKYWALKER RANCH!
I had actually been taken to "see" Star Wars as an infant at the Drive-In. It felt like I had come full circle in a way. I now fear my own mortality.
I mention this to you all, cuzz I felt you should know we are legit. We are movie weirdos.
Here's some Flickr photos you can enjoy or just tolerate.
Skywalker Ranch Pics

Also, I just watched Blood Creek(American title...can't recall other off the top)... Eh.
The vampire horse, with it's head on fire, is pretty sweet thou.

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