Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Episode 1, maybe, fingers crossed.

For better or for worse, the podcast is up. We intend to work out the kinks and are calling it a "work in progress". We talk about some new stuff and old stuff. Hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment and tell us what works and what didn't and we will endeavor to fix it, technically speaking of course. Our opinions are just that, ours, and we will speak them honestly and openly. We hope that we can help you pick at least some pleasant--or at the very least--interesting cinematic experiences that can stimulate open discourse with our fellow humans. Yours truly, Jason (Fat)


  1. Couples Retreat - yes it sucked. director peter billingsly, yes, ralphie from a christmas story, must shoulder part of the blame. vince and his new wife produced it and he co-wrote so he gets triple helpings of razzie for this turd - Bro

  2. Matt Delight here...instead of posting a whole new blog 'bout the "POD", I thought I'd just jot a quick comment.
    By, the next podcast it is my sincere effort to bone up on my adjectives. That is unless you wanna swizzle a bourbon every time I mention words weird or incredible.

    I'll also promise to drink a cuppa coffe the day of the record. To stay sharp and keep up with Jason(who was totally on point)... what can I say? this ol' grey mule ain't what it used to be.

  3. Loved the sound of beers being opened and consumed in the background.

  4. Frank Bonner aka Herb Tarlek from WKRP in Cincinnati was in Equinox.