Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lexicon (is a) Devil

Yup, I just titled this post after a Germs song. Why? Because, that's the kind of quality pop culture quality you can expect from Fat and Skinny Blog and Podcast. Hopefully you enjoyed the first episode. We woulda had another episode for ya... but, we were too busy saving pregnant woman from burning buildings.
Naw...that's not true.
Actually, we were smoking all this killa kush,  getting mad krunk, HOLLA!
Naw, that's not true either. (But, I did manage to drink some Old Crow brand whiskey)
Actually, the truth of it was we did manage to record a second episode. And, no foolin', it was amazing. Quite possibly the best thing ever recorded in recording history...ever. Not just in podcast history, but in the whole spectrum which is sound...the best. Think, if The Beatles and The Beach Boys (in the hight of their collective powers) got together, and made a record called Abbey's Pet Sound Road....and yer still Twenty Million Miles to Earth
Then we deleted it by accident.

Don't worry, we'll make podcast history again, real soon. So Stay Tuned (wouldn't it be awesome if every time I made a movie reference it would be a link that you could click on...yeah, I don't know how to do that)
(wait, I just figured it out...20 minutes later)

Anyway, that gives me time to discuss the first episode a bit. Fat (who, from this point on I'll just refer to as Jason) made the point that maybe some people wouldn't know exactly what I was talking about, due to my use of slang and self conjured lexicon.(See, the title actually did make sense)

So here is part one, of what will hopefully be many, on the Skinny( who from this point on will just be referred to as Matt) Dictionary.
  • Boo-Urns - This is anything that stinks. A stone drag. Taken from the episode of The Simpsons, a Star is Burns. Remember, the whole town hates his movie and is booing it, but Smithers...ever the toadie, sez..."no, they're not saying Boo, they are saying Boo-Urns" Classic
  • Jumping the Shark- This is more common slang, definitely not of my invention, that many of you readers may already know. But, I get this question all the time on what this means. It refers to any thing(band, franchise, t.v. series, etc. etc.) that goes from classic(or "good") and turns into something else completely. It's generally regarded as a very, bad, bad thing. It's in reference to Happy Days when Fonzie had to 'Jump the Shark.' It was a two part episode. Why the fuck did Happy Day need two part episodes?
That's all I have for now, their might have been some others...but, I talk like this everyday. (I'm sure it's very annoying) So I don't hear it. These are just the ones that Jason called me on.

Alright, I've got to buy comics.
Stay Posi,

Matt DeLight

PS...I don't even like that Germs song. Or, more specifically, I haven't listened to it in over a decade. Sorry, Darby.

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