Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Episode 2!

Episode “Deux” is up! That way people can’t say “it sounds like number 2”. Actually, I guess deux is not much better. This time We cover Book of Eli, To Live and Die in L.A., (500)Days of Summer, and Universal Soldier: Regeneration. This is a perfect example one step forward, two steps back. Unbeknownst to Matt, I took the liberty of trying to edit this episode. Sorry Matt. I also added corrections at the end. Seemed like a good idea, but upon listening, I corrected a mistake that I edited out. Oh well, there is music at the end now.

I really wish we could have recorded the conversation we had upstairs immediately following the recording session. We were on fire. One piece of advice we received was we should be a further into our drinks before hitting record. Trust me though, when we finally get that fire in the podcast, it will be awesome to behold.

Matt really gets a big kudos for putting on his game face for the show because some asshole stole his bike. And if you know Matt, you know how Matt loved his bike.

Cheers buddy! - Jason

Listen to Episode #2


  1. "..breaking the fourth wall soliloquy.."?? Aren't we fancy!

  2. Dolph-Vegas!!