Monday, March 8, 2010

Episode 3, third time is a charm? Hmm...

Three whole episodes. I don’t know what to say. We are turning them out at a blistering rate. In this show we continue to plumb depths to find movies for you to watch. Matt continues his search for tough guy classics while I search the internet for the movies of my past. And somehow, we still manage to cram in something current. While we still struggle with the technology, we intend to maintain this pace figuring that the kinks will eventually work themselves out.

In this show we cover a lesser known 1972 Lee Marvin flick called Prime Cut. Matt talks about kung fu classic Master of the Flying Guillotine. And all I show up with is a watchable oughts thriller, The Highwaymen. Our pre-show pick was Zombieland. Finally, a zombie movie. Tune in and hear what we had to say. We also manage to inject some touching personal moments, folksy interruptions, and an awkward silence or two.

I would like to thank Modelo Especial beer for helping loosen us up. Can we get a beer sponsor? If anyone listening can help set that up we’ll do a whole show based on your favorite movies. We’ll wear patches, jackets, anything with a logo on it, anywhere we go, and mention what we are drinking several times a show, for free beer.

In the last podcast I briefly ranted that out of four trailers, 3 were remakes. I was wrong. all 4 were remakes. Thanks to Tyler for catching that. The fourth trailer was for Death at a Funeral. This is a remake of a Brit flick that is only 3 years old. So recent in fact that one of the actors is actually in both versions. Come on!

We need more feedback. Tell us what you like or hate. What do you want us to sit through before you waste your valuable time. If you just have technical advice, we can obviously use it. You can comment here or on Facebook. You can also email us a

One more thing, did anyone notice that out of six Oscar picks in my Febuary 4th post, I called 5 in the 6 major categories? I’m just saying. And as far as Bullock taking best actress, sure why not, she is terribly likable.

Thanks for sticking with us. - Jason

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  1. I was 8 for 8 in the 'Nard bro! Though it was a pretty easy year to call, the only close one was Bullock vs Streep. I'm working on the beer sponsor but be careful what you wish for, it could be Bud!