Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Episode, FORE!

Hollywood ending. its all nice. The “Good Guy” Wins. Why wouldn’t he? Last night I watched “Law Abiding Citizen”. I thought, “It didn’t do well, maybe it took the other, everybody dies, everybody learns road.” Maybe it was a tough as nails thriller that took no prisoners and set the failing prison system on its ear. But noooooo, I was wrong. After an hour and a half of potential it decides the lawyer wins. But Why? He is the bad guy. If he isn’t, make it possible. I root for the “Bad Guy” the whole film. And that’s weird because it’s Gerard Butler. If I ever though I would root for him, it would be because of the booze. Fernet-Branca was what I was drinking tonight. In retrospect, it was more of a tequila movie. I still think I would have been disappointed. I think Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are to be commended. This film had the all the earmarks of a good thriller, but someone didn’t want to step on any toes...

(some time later)

Let me explain: I wrote that first paragraph completely loaded. I think I did okay. Anyway, Law Abiding Citizen is one of the movies we talk about in episode 4. I think 4 is pretty good. Matt drops knowledge about Freddy, opines about The Crazies, and almost cries over one less Corey. I can’t even keep up. I am excited about having the opportunity to talk about The Hidden, one of my old stand-by recommendations. We had so many problems recording it, I’m surprised we actually got it done. Sorry about the lack of beer openings. We drank all our beer during the first take. I hope you like it.

cheers, Jason

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